Bravo Company started in the garage of a veteran United States Marine in Hartland Wisconsin, shortly after Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Founded to support the needs of Private Security Professionals working in theaters where durable mil-spec components for their weapon systems were not readily available, BCM (Bravo Company MFG, Inc.) builds life saving tools manufactured, reinforced and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of professional Soldiers, Law Enforcement and responsible citizens in some of the most high threat environments in the world.

Engineered and built as lifesaving equipment with industry leading mechanical quality control, BCM lifesaving tools serve US Military Special Operations Units, Department of Homeland Security, responsible American citizens and other government agencies at home and around the world.


Exacting construction and rigorous durability are the standard for every weapon system that comes off our line. BCM® life saving tools are hard use tools, built to perform in combat where unfailing performance is the only standard for men and machine.


No shortcuts, no substitutions, no half measures. BCM was founded to provide military-standard weapons systems to the American Warrior. We build them to be as unbreakable as the people who use them. Built using the highest-quality materials and tested to meet the needs of the most demanding users - BCM equipment increases survivability in dangerous situations.


BCM - the weapons systems behind the American G.I. Originally, the letters "G.I." were used to denote equipment made from galvanized iron. Later, they came to take on a bigger meaning, one recognized around the world. The iconic American Serviceman. An image associated with freedom, hard work and integrity.


We adhere to a standard that exceeds that of most manufacturers; no cut corners, nothing justify to chance.

Exclusively using the highest performance materials available such as independently certified Mil-Spec 11595E Barrel Steel, and then following with exacting processes to harden and verify the entire package, BCM delivers the most reliable weapon system possible to the hands of those who need them.


Every component that BCM manufactures is built to the same uncompromising standard. From the bolt carrier group to our combat rail systems to our BCM Charging Handle, each piece is part of a bigger machine that will survive and deliver consistently under extreme stress and violence.

Like the teams of men who use them - like the G.I.'s of legend - BCM weapons systems exceed the sum of their individual parts.

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