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The CCW Blade.
Designed from the ground up for the special operations community, The Colonel is a fighting blade that works around the shooter, leveraging reps that warfighters have in their current training regimens to deliver an immediate effective fighting platform.

By design, the draw from concealment of the blade is the same as a handgun draw from concealment and striking with a Colonel is the same as throwing a punch. This means the user doesn't have to learn anything new. They already have the instinctive tools to be effective with the blade out of the box.

Blade Ergonomics + Lethality.
Shaped to mirror a pistol, The Colonel sits low in the hand, giving the user a stable and familiar grip that they can guide naturally to target with uppercuts, hooks, jabs and heavy crosses.

Unlike other blades, that can take years to master, The Colonel is designed around how people naturally fight. Punching and stabbing are the same motion, meaning if the end user can throw a targeted punch, they can deliver a decisive attack in less than a second and that is key to the blade's effectiveness.

The point is where the most damage is inflicted by a blade and unlike conventional blades, which use systems of slashes to position for a stab, every strike with the Colonel is a stab.

Fighting with the Colonel.
Blended for striking and moving, The Colonel is designed for real-world fights which are often against multiple opponents. The shape of the blade makes it near imposible for a user to stab themselves while defending themselves, something that happens when fighters employ stabbing motions with other kinds of blades and miss the target.

Finally, the Colonel is comfortable to conceal and fast to land an effective strike on an opponent. The three inches of blade are more than enough to hit vital organs in the chest, stomach, neck and head with targeted strikes allowing the user to finish the fight or disengage as the situation dictates.

Under the Hood.
Designed by Al and Nico Salvitti with AAR input from multiple Special Operations End Users, the Colonel Blade is hand forged in Italy with American made G10 grip panels, sharpening and assembly completed in the US. Each blade is QPPed(Quench Polish Quench), a nitrocarburizing case hardening that increases corrosion and wear resistance.