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The Capability. A BCM Original Production Produced by Paul Buffoni and Jon Chang. Directed by Jon Chang.
The Capability - Episode 3 - Fieldcraft Survival. Click to watch episode 3 - Fieldcraft Survival.
Fieldcraft Survival Founder Mike Glover conducts a close reconnaissance and surveillance field exercise patrolling into a semi-permissive area, establishing a hide, collecting intelligence on a select target group and then engaging that force.
The Capability - Episode 2 - Northern Red Click to watch episode 2 - Northern Red
Northern Red Instructors and students conduct a high risk capture exercise in a simulated semi-permissive setting. Employing small unit tactics, the force conducts a vehicle interdiction and then counter ambush procedures, using fire and maneuver to evade and escape enemy pursuit teams.
The Capability - Episode 1 - Northern Red Click to watch episode 1 - Northern Red
Northern Red Instructors and students from a Counter Terrorism unit train for a hostage rescue mission involving multiple teams simultaneously entering a structure through multiple breach points and conducting close quarters battle in an environment with both non-combatants and hostiles.