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Mil-Spec Durability.
The BCM® PNT™ Trigger and Hammer are built to surpass Mil-Spec standards without compromising the reliability of the USGI TDP(Technical Data Package). Each PNT Trigger and Hammer is heat treated in a three step process and hardened for optimal grain structure alignment, surpassing commercial "equivalents" in both durability and performance.
The Devil is in the Details.
To create a perfect alignment and smooth trigger pull, the BCM PNT Trigger and Hammer bores are honed to perfection and the impact resistant trigger and hammer pins are centerless ground to a fine finish with superior tolerances. The BCM Disconnector is stamped from 1070 material and fine blanked for cleaner edges and double disc ground to precise size to ensure consistent and reliable operation.
Smooth is Fast, Fast is Smooth. POLISHED Hand polished sear engagement surfaces reduce friction an additional 300% beyond the Mil-Spec.
NICKEL An electroless nickel finish reduces felt creep and cleans up the grittiness commonly associated with the press in a Mil-Spec trigger.
TEFLON Teflon particles embedded in the nickel, further reduce friction in the interface and double down on a finish that is corrosion, rust and oxidation resistant.
Made in America.
BCM unites state of the art manufacturing processes with aerospace coatings to ensure components that last a lifetime, performing far beyond performance requirements established nearly six decades ago. Like all BCM rifles and BCMGUNFIGHTER accessories, the PNT Trigger Assembly is made in the USA.