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Light is Right.
A light-weight polymer handguard, the PKMR runs reinforced KeyMod interface slots on three sides(10:30, 1:30 and 6:00 o'clock) creating a secure platform for user placed weapon lights and vertical grips. Compatible with AR15 carbines featuring a mil-spec front sight base and handguard cap, the PKMR is a "drop in" replacement handguard that is easy to install and interfaces with a wide selection of AR15 carbines available today.
Off-Range Capable.
Approximately 1.9" wide and 2.2" high, the PKMR has a slim profile designed to improve weapon manipulation and control, with patches of aggressive texturing providing additional traction for hands, with or without gloves. Made of high-strength impact and temperature resistant polymer, the PKMR features Aluminum heat shields, reducing thermal transfer to both the PKMR handguard and the shooter's hand while employing the weapon system.
Carbine Strong. The Carbine Length PKMR, for round M4 type handguard caps, weighs 5.6 oz. The Mid-Length PKMR, for triangle M16 type handguard caps, weigh just 7.9 oz (note: if needed; separate insert adaptors are available to fit Mid-Length PKMR to round M4 type handguard caps). Available in Black, FDE, Wolf Grey and Foliage Green.
Made in America.
All BCM® products unite state of the art manufacturing with the lightest and most durable materials to ensure components that last a lifetime, performing far beyond performance requirements established nearly six decades ago. Like all BCM rifles and BCMGUNFIGHTER™ accessories, the BCMGUNFIGHTER Stock is designed and made in the USA.