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Click for BCM® EAG Tactical Carbine. EAG Tactical Carbine Features.
EAG Tactical.EAG Tactical.
Founded and led by Pat Rogers, a retired Chief Warrant Officer in the USMC and a retired NYPD Sergeant, E.A.G. provides weapons manipulation and tactics training to military, law enforcement and qualified civilians throughout the United States.
Larue Tactical.Larue Tactical.
The 9.0's length stops just past a carbine-length gas block providing a true free-float handguard, featuring a two-pin proprietary barrel nut system and an integral QD sling-swivel sockets at the base of each side for convenient mounting of 2-point slings.
TangoDown TangoDown.
Built with next gen materials on top of innovative designs, TangoDown offers new levels of function and versatility using the latest design technologies and manufacturing processes centered around their proprietary lightweight high strength polymer blended resins.
The G2® LED is a compact high-output flashlight featuring a body made of tough, corrosion-proof Nitrolon® polymer and an aluminum bezel. A virtually indestructible power-regulated LED and a precision micro-textured reflector produce a smooth 120-lumen beam.
Viking Tactics creates and builds products informed by over a decade of real-world Special Operations experience. Partnering with recognized industry leaders, Viking Tactics produces enhancements to existing products as well as wholly original designs.
BCM(Bravo Company Manufacturing) was founded in 2005 by a veteran United States Marine in Hartland, Wisconsin, where the company maintains its HQ today. BCM builds weapon systems that are manufactured, reinforced and tested to meet the unforgiving needs of law enforcement, military, security and peace keeping professionals in some of the most high stress environments and situations in the world.