BCM Rifle Company.
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BCM® Upper Receiver Groups.
Chrome Lined - Standard Issue.
Every BCM® barrel uses the same Independently Certified Mil-Spec 11595E Barrel Steel (CMV) used in the USGI M16 family of rifles. Built to perform in extreme environments, BCM barrels are stronger and more durable than typical commercial barrels, thanks to high concentrations of carbon and/or vanadium in the alloy.
BFH Series : Barrel Forged Hammer.
Originally pioneered by German armorers, hammer forged barrels feature a honed interior finish and a tungsten carbide mandrel with the entire rifling pattern ground in relief onto its surface. The resulting barrel is both extremely durable and highly accurate. The BCM BFH™ series of barrels are made in the USA.
SS410™ Series.
Machined from SS410 stainless steel. Featuring hand lapped 1/8 twist rate button rifling and M4 feed ramps barrel extensions, the 410 stainless barrel gives the shooter the best balance of weight and accuracy. 410 stainless is also harder and more corrosion resistant than conventional 416 stainless found in other precision barrels.
Chrome Bore and Chamber.
A chrome lined bore and chamber is now a worldwide standard in the industry for a battle rifle. The chrome bore and chamber is harder than the barrel steel and on the USGI M16/M4 rifles will aid in chambering, extraction, and reliability. It increases velocity, and also resists against fouling and corrosion from extended use in the field. This gives the end user a longer barrel life with less required time in maintenance and cleaning.