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Haley Strategic Partners - The Jack Carbine.
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Watch the Video.
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Haley Strategic Partners.
Designed for tactical applications, the BCMGUNFIGHTER™ COMPENSATOR offers specially tuned slots and interior cones that deliver a balance maximizing recoil mitigation, muzzle rise compensation and flash reduction. The dual action brake also minimizes the side pressure blast and noise associated with gaming compensators and brakes.

Compatible with A2-mounted suppressors, comes permanently installed BAFT specs to bring the 14.5 inch 11595E barrel over 16 inches.

A more compact and lighter stock built on the successes of the B5 Enhanced SOPMOD, the SOPMOD Bravo maintains the SOPMOD's cheek weld, one piece anti-rotational QD swivel mount, no-slip cushioned buttpad and delivers an improved angle on the stock stabilizing and maintaining the shooter's interface with the weapon.
B5 Systems.
Geissele Automatics Super Modular Rail.
A 10" free float handguard Cerakoted "Disruptive Grey", the rail system includes 2 black short accessory rails and 1 long black accessory rail. Designed originally as a replacement rail for the HK416 at the request of a DoD customer, the Geissele Super Modular Rail(SMR) has been redesigned to fit a direct impingement AR15 mil-spec flat top upper receiver.

ALG Defense Combat Trigger.
With sharper, crisper and smoother pull than a stock Mil-Spec trigger, the ACT(ALG Combat Trigger) uses robust sear timing to remove the grittiness of the stock trigger without compromising the reliability of a issue Mil-Spec trigger.
WML-HSP + Thorntail Offset.
The WML-HSP is a Weapon Mounted Light built by Inforce and specced by Haley Strategic Partners for tactical low light applications. Running a 200 lumen white light with a tight beam for close- to mid-range applications, the WML HSP also delivers a balanced peripheral light for assessment of the surrounding area driven by a digital pressure pad with momentary only activation.

The WML-HSP attaches to any properly Mil-Specced 1913 Picatinny Rail, but when mounted on the Haley Strategic Thorntail Offset Mount, built by Impact Weapons Components, the light sits at 45 degree offset postion, ideal for weapons manipulation ergonomics.

Inforce + Impact Weapons Components.
Disruptive Grey Cerakote™.
Joint Force Enterprises and Haley Strategic co-developed a custom grey tone Cerakote finish for The Jack called "Disruptive Grey". Optimized to be a low visibility neutral color in any environment, the finish is both durable and matte, producing a low signature in all settings, urban or rural, night or day.
Joint Force Enterprises.
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