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Built for reliability and effectiveness in battle, BCM and Wilson Combat are proud to introduce the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911.

Born from a collaboration between the craftsmen at Wilson Combat and the combat experiences of the BCMGUNFIGHTER Instructors, the BCMGUNFIGHTER 1911 is a unique work of quality that is equal parts elegance and lethality. Delivering on the promise of Professional Grade Weaponry®, BCM has worked to deliver a 1911 that handles like a race gun but with the dependability of a BCM Rifle.

A limited production offering, each firearm includes a individualized BCM serial number and is hand built/hand inspected by the team at Wilson Combat to insure the highest quality in every weapon system that leaves the shop.

Artisanal Construction. Capability Refined. Handling and Control. This is not a assembly line production pistol. This is professional grade weaponry.