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BCM® A5.
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Barrel Profile.
Running a 20" barrel with a 1/7 twist, every BCM® barrel uses the same Independently Certified Mil-Spec 11595E Barrel Steel (CMV) used in the USGI M16 family of rifles. Built to perform in extreme environments, BCM barrels are stronger and more durable than typical commercial barrels, thanks to high concentrations of carbon and/or vanadium in the alloy.
BCM® barrels also undergo a M197 HPT (High-Pressure Test), commonly referred to as a proof load, rating each barrel for 70,000 psi. This hardening is followed by a MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) to detect any possible flaws in the barrels surface, with both circular and longitudinal magnetic fields per ASTME1444-01 in the current Military-Specification.
Introducing the BCM® A5BCM®A5
The BCM® A5 features a double heat shield handguard, a rifle length gas system, a Mil-Spec F Marked Forged front sight, optics ready railed upper receiver and the Vltor A5 EMod kit, developed on request from the USMC .
Vltor A5 EMod Stock.Vltor A5 Stock.
Specially developed on request from the USMC to create a fitted weapon for the modern Marine Rifleman, the "A5" Combo Kit stock configuration was developed specifically for the future upgrade on the M16A4 featuring a longer receiver extension, housing, seven adjustment points and specially weighted buffer, utilizing the M16A2 action spring